Schwyzer to leave PCC

I read on this blog a comment from Hugo Schwyzer that he’s on medical leave now and will take disability and resign starting in 2014.

This is not necessarily the outcome I wanted.  I wanted acknowledgement from him, not the end of his teaching career.  But with all the fuss about him. It doesn’t look like he can still teach.  I have also heard he is divorcing, and I hope he does what he can to remain in the lives of his two young children.

There is also a website that I will NOT link that is conducting gossip as to my identity.  It identifies two PCC students and I am not either one.  This is making matters worse.  With news that Hugo is resigning this should end the controversy immediately.

Hugo issues statement

I am grateful that Hugo Schwyzer has acknowledged the truth about our relationship. 

I would prefer it that the college stop trying to contact me.  I do not wish to talk to the college attorneys who have been calling and I have no desire to work with them to get Hugo fired.  I want him to return to teaching when he’s better.  This is about getting the truth out, not about getting him fired from his job at PCC.  Anyone who has seen him teach knows he was born to teach.  I have no wish to be his friend ever again but I do not wish him harm.  The only thing that could make me angrier at him than his old denials would be if he harmed himself.

PLease respect my wish to remain pseudonymous.

So Hugo Schwyzer’s friends have been harassing me, Meagan (pseudonym).  He or they figured out my real name and are demanding I take down this Tumblr.  He’s not contacting me directly as it would make him look guilty.  preferring to work through his fangirls to come after me.

We had a real affair.  I slept with him while he was my teacher and I was young.  These truths don’t change.  I however must prioritize my own mental health and go offline. 

Hugo Schwyzer needs to tell the truth. My name is Meagan, and I was one of the organizers of the 2011 SlutWalk in Los Angeles. I am 23 years old now and was 20 when I helped with the event. I was a Pasadena City College student. I was also sleeping with Hugo Schwyzer before and for some time after the event. Throughout his spectacular recent fall from grace. Hugo has maintained that he never slept with his students after 1998. That simply isn’t true. I know one other girl besides myself with whom Hugo was having sex the same semester as SlutWalk. I can’t help but believe that there were many more. I was in Hugo’s History 25B (Women in American Society) course in spring 2011. It was my second semester as his student, as I had taken his 1A (Ancient Western Civilizations) the previous fall. I was very attracted to Hugo for his looks, his personality, and his teaching ability. He was an easy crush for many girls. I was one. I was also bold about it, flirting with him in office hours and eventually asking him to coffee. He grinned knowingly when I told him I wanted coffee with him, and I knew that he was mine if I made a move. I kissed him in the parking lot of the Starbucks on Hill and Colorado in early May 2011. The next week I brought him back to my apartment where we had sex. We continued to meet for sex, sometimes in his office with the door locked, for the next seven months until I graduated PCC in December 2011. I got involved in SlutWalk both because I was sleeping with one of the organizers and because I believed in the cause. I listened to Hugo’s “men are not weak” speech with a grin on my face because he’d told me I made him weak with lust. The casual way that he could lie or at least misrepresent things was both sexy and scary. I hold Hugo in no animosity. I am not angry with him. He did not abuse me or take advantage of me. He has definitely come clean about many of his worst behaviors, and I am happy for him that he is letting the truth come out. I am at a loss therefore at his refusal to admit that he was sleeping with students this whole time. Perhaps he is afraid of losing his job. The truth, nonetheless needs to come out. Hugo is a dynamic leader and a gifted writer and teacher. If he can only use his talents for good, he can bring a lot of good to the world. But there can be nothing good as long as he continues to lie. I want the truth to come out and so I am sharing my story. Meagan Moore (a pseudonym as I am not ready to out myself to many of my friends and family)